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Useful information about mainframes and practical tips in one place. Solving common mainframe problems and modernizing the discipline

Knowledge base

Explore modern approaches to mainframe administration, bring real-world DevOps practices to your work, and fill your knowledge gaps

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Share your knowledge with other professionals, help your peers find solutions faster, and don't forget to think about future colleagues

Quick introduction to our project

Our repository allows you to ask questions, leave comments, and — most important — find solutions for your mainframe projects

Convenient format

You can stop searching through the multitude of notebooks and web tabs for the information you need. Our repository gives you a single home for “all things mainframe”.

DevOps mainframe approaches

Our own solutions to bring automation and DevOps principles to mainframe so that you can modernize your mainframe processes.


Share your best practices and examples, each pull request is valuable to us and the entire mainframe developers community. So let's make it better together!

Our best contributors!

Anyone in the mainframe community can derive value from our repository. We developed this project to solve the unique problems of both junior and experienced mainframe professionals

Yuliya Varonina

Lead Software Engineer

Vladimir Bessonov

Software Engineer

Craig Schneiderwent

Software Engineer

Nikolai Kuchinski

Lead Software Engineer

Uladzislau Tabolich

Software Engineer

Darya Alferova

Lead Software Engineer

Ivan Shaklein

Project Manager

Valeri Troufanov

z/OS Architecture specialist

Sergey Beganski

Department Head

Handy mainframe with Intelij IDEA mainframe plugin

Our colleagues have developed a convenient plugin helping with the GRMD project. Using this plugin you can easily work with the z/OS, data, connections to different z/OS systems in a modern way.

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